1. Zandu Livotrit Tablets (60 Tablets (2 strips x 30 Tabs)

  2. Zandu Livotrit Tablets (60 Tablets (2 strips x 30 Tabs)



    Zandu Livotrit Tablets - Cures Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis, Jaundice, Adjuvant to AKT, Chronic Liver Dysfunction, Pre-cirrhotic Conditions.


    Zandu - Livotrit Tablets

    Benefits of Zandu Livotrit Tablets :

    • Livotrit contains premium quality Arogyavardhini and Mandur bhasma highly recommended for liver disorders by Ayurveda text.
    • In pre-cirrhotic conditions, Livotrit arrests the progress of disease and prevents further liver damage.

    Indications :

    • Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis
    • Jaundice
    • Adjuvant to AKT
    • Chronic Liver Dysfunction
    • Pre-cirrhotic Conditions

    As a daily health supplement to alcholics to provide protection against hepatic damage.

    When drugs and Alcohol Harm Liver protect it with Livotrit.

    • Stimulates appetite.
    • Brings fast biochemical normalcy in liver.
    • Potent anti cholestatic and choleretic agents.
    • Provides good antioxidant support.
    In Drug induced hepatotoxicity, Viral hepatitis, Alcholic liver hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease

    Composition :
    Livotrit Tablet (Each sugar coated tablet contains) :

    Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Qty in mg
    Arogyvardhini Rasa --------------------- 100mg
    Mandur Bhasma --------------------- 50mg
    Punarnava Boerhaavia Diffusa 25mg
    Bhringraj Eclipta Alba 25mg
    Kalmegh Andrographis Paniculata 25mg

    Dosage :

    Livotrit Tablet :

    Adults : 2 tablets twice or thrice daily Children : 1 tablet twice or thrice daily