1. Vedic Line Papaya & Lime Facial

  2. Vedic Line Papaya & Lime Facial


    Vedic Line Papaya & Lime Facial

    Quick Overview

    Facial for fairness and glow, also reduces minor tan, blemishes and pigmentation



    Vedic Line Papaya & Lime Facial comprise of the following products:

    • Lime Shower Gel: Gently cleanses your skin.
    • Papaya Scrub: With the goodness of papaya extract, this scrub gently exfoliates the skin.
    • Papaya Face Cream: Enriched with papaya extracts, this cream provides complete nourish ment to your skin, leaving it soft and supple.
    • Papaya Gel: Corrects the unevenness of skin tone, giving it a uniform feel and dazzling glow while gently removes impurities and dead cells.
    • Papaya Pack: Helps in the skin rejuvenation and enhances cell regeneration process.
    • Papaya Moisturize: Restores the natural moisture content of the skin.


    Lime Shower Gel (120ml)

    Papaya Scrub (100ml)

    Papaya Face Cream (100ml)

    Papaya Gel (100ml)

    Papaya Pack (100ml)