1. Seabuck Strawberry Fruit Facial Kit

  2. Seabuck Strawberry Fruit Facial Kit


    Seabuck Strawberry Fruit Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    Strawberry facial kit is rich in Vitamin E, Jojaba and Aloe, that helps to slough off dead skin cells so that new youthful soft and beautiful skin is revealed


    This kit includes:

    • Strawberry Aloe Cleanser: Gently exfoliates your skin removing the dead cells so as to reveal healthy skin. With a unique combination of Aloe Vera and sweet Strawberries, this facial cleanser helps in removing and dust from the skin. Enriched with strawberry extracts, which is high in Vitamin C. It helps in reducing blemishes by making your skin look clearer.
    • Strawberry Jojoba Scrub: Jojoba and Strawberry face scrub is specially formulated for deep cleansing. Also, strawberry’s purifying properties makes the skin refreshed and radiant.
    • Strawberry Massage cream with Vitamin E: With the combination of seabuckthorn oil and extracts along with other ingredients like olive oil, Vitamin E, Orange Juice, Grape seed oil, Aloe Vera juice this strawberry facial makes a best combination for keeping healthy skin.
    • Strawberry Fruit Pack: Specially formulated to brings freshness to the skin and mind both. It leaves you relaxed with a brighter and a radiant glow to the skin.


    Strawberry Aloe Cleanser (100g)

    Strawberry Jojoba Scrub (100g)

    Strawberry Massage cream with Vitamin E (125g)

    Strawberry Fruit Pack (125g)