1. Seabuck Mineral Line Anti Cellulite Kit

  2. Seabuck Mineral Line Anti Cellulite Kit


    Seabuck Mineral Line Anti Cellulite Kit

    Quick Overview

    Enriched with proven anti-ageing rejuvenating properties of Seabuckthorn fruit well known as Sanjivini Booti in Ayurveda, helps your skin remain soft, moisturized and protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


    This kit includes:

    • Hydrating Deep Cleansing Gel: It cleanses and peels the dead epidermal layers.
    • Hydrating Massage Gel: This gel helps to clean the impurities and and gives a smooth surface after massage.
    • Hydrating Retroactive Cream: It has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth surface texture to the skin.
    • Hydrating Gel Scrub: Gives you an exquisite exfoliating scrub which polishes and removes dead skin cells at the same time.
    • Hydrating Cream: Completely moisturises your skin, restoring the optimum moisture level of skin.
    • Hydrating Mask: This face powder mask helps to reduce the patches and deposits from the skin surface.


    Hydrating Deep Cleansing Gel (50ml)

    Hydrating Massage Gel (50ml)

    Hydrating Retroactive Cream (50g)

    Hydrating Gel Scrub (50g)

    Hydrating Cream (50g)

    Hydrating Mask (50g)