1. Sattvik Gold Facial Kit Saffron Sandalwood, Natural Gold Dust (

  2. Sattvik Gold Facial Kit Saffron Sandalwood, Natural Gold Dust (


    Sattvik Gold Facial Kit Saffron Sandalwood, Natural Gold Dust

    Quick Overview

    With the goodness of saffron, sandalwood and natural gold dust, this facial kit refreshes and revitalizes skin cells thus improving its texture and keeps skin soft and supple



    This kit includes:

    • Sattvik Gold Cleanser: This cream based cleanser gently removes the most deep seated impurities and nourishes the skin. Its added aroma oils balance the pH and revitalise skin cells to give you a natural glow.
    • Sattvik Gold Scrub: This unique formulation gently removes dead skin and blackheads while maintaining the ideal moisture balance. Its soft granules are perfect for deep cleansing and reducing pore appearance.
    • Sattvik Gold Massage Gel: This natural gold dust based gel is ideal for that lustrous “Bollywood” glow. It is a perfect blend of non oily aromatic moisturisers and aroma oils that rehydrate your skin and leave it visibly smoother and softer.
    • Sattvik Gold Massage Cream: This sandalwood and saffron based cream renews and revitalises skin cells. It enhances complexion and softens skin texture, thereby, giving a smooth and polished feel.
    • Sattvik Gold Mask: This Kaolin clay based mask improves skin texture and keeps skin firm and fresh. Added aroma oils and natural gold dust soften the skin and add shine and lustre. This magical formulation also counteracts ageing signs.
    • Sattvik Gold Serum: This is an ultra intensive, lightweight formula to stimulate cellular growth and tighten skin cells. It effectively hydrates and brightens complexion. Added aroma oils slow down collagen depletion and loss of elasticity to prevent sagging skin. Its SPF 15 protects skin from the harmful effects of sun damage and ensures your flawless complexion lasts longer.


    Sattvik Gold Cleanser (50g)

    Sattvik Gold Scrub (100g)

    Sattvik Gold Massage Gel (100g)

    Sattvik Gold Massage Cream (100g)

    Sattvik Gold Mask (50g)

    Sattvik Gold Serum (10ml)