1. Johnson\'s Baby Powder(200g)

  2. Johnson's Baby Powder(200g)


    Johnson's Baby Powder

    Johnsons Baby Powder helps to eliminate friction while keeping skin cool and comfortable. It's made of millions of tiny slippery plates that glide over each other to help reduce the irritation caused by friction.Clinically proven to be safe, gentle and mild.Allergy and dermatologist-tested. Clean, classic scent. For skin that feels soft, fresh and comfortable.

    Directions for use :

    Apply Johnsons Baby Powder close to the body, away from the face. Shake powder into your hand and smooth onto skin.

    Safety :

    Do not use on broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep powder away from child's face to avoid inhalation, which can cause breathing problem .

    Ingredients :

    • Talc
    • Fragrance
    • Sodium Sesquicitrate