1. Johnson\'s Baby Bedtime Lotion (Proven to help baby sleep better

  2. Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion (Proven to help baby sleep better


    Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

    Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion - No More Tears Formula - Help your baby
    sleep easier and sleep better. Clinically proven mild and allergy- tested.

    Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion Proven to Help Baby Sleep Better Releases NaturalCalm essences

    Johnson's working with a team of pediatricians, has created a nightly routine clinically proven to help your baby fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better. Following a warm bath using Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath gently massage baby's skin with Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion. Each product releases NaturalCalm essences a proprietary blend of gentle and soothing aromas. Your baby will drift off to a better night's sleep. Clinically proven mild, allergy tested and helps keep baby's skin naturally soft.

    Direction for use of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion :

    Massge genlty over entire body.