1. Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier (200ML)

  2. Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier (200ML)


    Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier
    with Kesar, Vitamin E & Sweetness of Honey

    For the first time here's a wonder Blood Purifier with real Kesar & Vitamin E blended with herbs which not only purifies and cleanses your blood, but also makes you naturally fair.

    It dramatically purifies your blood resulting into

    • Cure of acne, pimple, boils and skin eruption.
    • Cure of itches, rashes and skin diseases
    • Fairer, pink, glowing and youthful complexion

    Himani Lalima Blood & Skin Purifier has:

    • Kesar, Vitamin E and haridra - nourishes skin, gives fair complexion and glowing skin.
    • Honey - Rejuvenates the skin
    • Triphala - Improves blood circulation & provides nourishment to skin.
    • Anantamool, Katuki, Manjistha - Purifies the blood naturally
    • Manjistha, Guduchi - clears acne, pimples.
    • Neem, Bhringraj - Cures boils,acne, pimples blemishes and rashes.

    Toxicity in blood might cause dermatological problems

    • Skin erruptions
    • Black spots and blemishes
    • Early ageing of skin
    • Itching and burning sensation

    10ml (2 teaspooful) twice a day. Shake well before use

    Unique ingredients of Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier
    Each 5 ml contains

    - 150.0 mg
    - 150.0 mg
    - 150.0 mg
    - 150.0 mg
    - 75.0 mg
    - 75.0 mg
    - 75.0 mg
    - 0.1 ml
    - 1.0 mg

    In addition, Katuki 60.0 mg, Chirayta 60.0mg, Godhumankar Tel (Wheat Germ Oil) 5.0mg. Flavoured sugar syrup base & preservatives (methyl paraben, prophyl paraben, sodium benzoate) q.s.


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