1. Himalaya Forest Honey 250 Gram

  2. Himalaya Forest Honey 250 Gram


    Himalaya Forest Honey 250 Gram

    USP of Himalaya Forest Honey

    The forests of India are situated in lands far removed from the ills of urban life. Nature's goodness is found in abundance here, in the herbs and in the flowers.

    In these untouched forests, wild honeybees visit the flowers, to make the purest of honey. Himalaya brings you this very honey, the purest that you can find anywhere. We have experts who collect the honey. At Himalaya we test our honey for utmost purity, filter it using advanced scientific processes, bottle it under strict hygenic conditions and bring it to your home. This is in contrast with other brands that tend to add sugar and preservatives to their honey, reducing its purity. We add absolutely no sugar or preservatives to our Forest Honey. Himalaya Forest Honey is honey just the way nature meant it to be. Our honey is 100% natural, in its fresh, virgin form, just the way it exists in the forests. It is exactly the way nature intended it to be - uncontaminated and pure.


    Health benefits:

    It is common knowledge that honey is a wonderful natural product that keeps your family healthy. What is not commonly known is that only the purest honey can deliver this promise of health. Adding sugar and preservatives to honey tends to dilute its benefits. We at Himalaya are committed to bringing you nothing short of pure honey. Himalaya Forest Honey has no added sugar or preservatives, quite unlike some other honeys. It is completely pure, just as nature meant it to be.

    The goodness of Himalaya Forest Honey can be experienced all year round. One to two teaspoonfuls taken daily, with either milk or lime juice, will have you glowing with health. Enjoy Himalaya Forest Honey as a delicious topping on toasts, or as a natural sweetener in energy drinks and desserts.


    As an adjuvant in respiratory disorders, cough, cold and allergic conditions.


    • Honey (Meldespumatum, Madhu)


    One to two teaspoonfuls, twice a day.