1. Hamdogen Vitality Capsules For Men (1 Box (50 capsules))

  2. Hamdogen Vitality Capsules For Men (1 Box (50 capsules))


    Hamdogen Vitality Capsules For Men

    Hamdogen Vitality Capsules For Men- Men Sexual Debility

    Hamdogen  is powered with some of the most precious ayurvedic and unani herbs that makes it one of the most special herbal formulation for male libido enhancer. It stimulates the proper production of testosterone that in turn stimulates the pituitary gland (master gland) in the human body, This stimulation helps in achieving proper signals in our brain that is essential for the proper libido generation. It makes the mind think in the more sexual way. It is also responsible in improving the blood flow in the body thereby providing proper amount of blood gushes into the penile organ making it ready and sensitive for  sexual indulgence.

    Benefits of Hamdard Hamdogen Vitality Capsules for Men:

    • Stimulates the sexual organs for indulgence in intercourse
    • Creates a mood for sex
    • Fills mind with the feeling of love and affection for the partner
    • Prepares mind for indulgence in sexual activity
    • Helps in lasting longer during intercourse
    • Increases time of intercourse
    • Makes body capable of achieving long orgasms
    • Makes mind happy and satisfed after the process of love
    • Increases the amount of sperm to achieve long pleasure feeling.

    Hamdard Hamdogen Formula Contains:           Tukhm piyaz , Nagkesar 20mg, khulanjan 25mg, Pipal Kalan 25 mg, Zanjabeel 25mg, Tukhm Konch 27.0 mg, khusia Buzkhushk 26.0mg, Kushta Mirgang 20.31, Salajeet 40.0mg, Zafran 3.0m.g, Ambar 2.5mg, Asgand Nagori 20.0 mg, Kharateen Musaffa 20.31mg, Ajwain khura-sani 25.0mg, Salab Misri 25.0mg, Behman Safaid 20.47mg, Kushta Khabsul hadeed 21.31 mg, Tukhm Gazar 25.0mg, Kuchla Mudabbar 20.31mg, Moosli Safaid 25.0mg, Aqarqarha 20.0mg, Shaqaqul Misri 20.0 mg, Starch 23.79mg.

    Dosage of Hamdard Hamdogen Vitality Capsules For Men:         1 to 2 capsules twice a day.