1. Everest Dry Ginger Powder 200g (100g x 2 packets)

  2. Everest Dry Ginger Powder 200g (100g x 2 packets)


    Everest Dry Ginger Powder

    Finest Quality, Pure Dry Ginger Powder. Best quality Ginger. Scientifically graded. Hygienically ground and packed. No artificial colours used.

    Botanical name: Zingiber officinale Roscoe 
    Family name: Zingiberaceae
    Commercial part: The rhizome

    Everest Ginger Powder is fine-ground, light yellow, Cochin ginger- renowned for its subtle lemon like aroma and sharp, bliting flavour

    Ginger has a pungent-lemony, warm-sweet flavour. It's a warming spice. In the middle ages, ginger was valued on par with black pepper. A pound of it was worth the price of a sheep.

    Usage of Everest Dry Ginger Powder:
    Almost all Indian curry recipes include ginger. The traditional method is to chop ginger finely and fry it along with onions. Ginger was one of the man's earliest medicine, much prescribed for treating stomach distress.

    Ingredients of Everest Dry Ginger Powder: