1. Everest Cumin Powder200g (100g x 2 packets)

  2. Everest Cumin Powder200g (100g x 2 packets)


    Everest Cumin Powder

    Finest Quality, Pure Cumin Powder. Best quality Cumin. Scientifically graded. Hygienically ground and packed. No artificial colours used.

    Botanical name: Cuminum cyminum L.
    Family name: Apiaceae
    Commercial part: Fruit

    Sourced from the well drained, loamy regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This type is much valued for its high percentage of essential oil content that gives it an intense flavour.

    Cumin seeds has a penetrating musty, earthy flavour. It's a cooling spice. In the middle ages, cumin was believed to keep lovers faithful and chicken from straying. More recently, cumin has become popular because of its use in Mexican cooking.

    Usage of Everest Cumin Powder:
    Roasted very briefly on low fire (for only a minute) on a tawa (girdle) and then ground into powder helps release its flavour more fully. Cumin is considered a digestive.

    Ingredients of Everest Cumin Powder: