1. Cephagraine Tablets (40 Tabs

  2. Cephagraine Tablets (40 Tabs


    Cephagraine Tablets

    Cephagraine Tablets Therapy for migraine and sinusitis

    Benefits of using Charak Cephagraine Tablets

    1. Promotes decongestion action on nasal mucosa and thereby reduces nasal discharge. 
    2. Provides effective relief of nasal congestion and easy breathing. 
    3. Provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions thereby relieves associated headache and pain. 
    4. Relieves nausea and reduces anxiety associated with migraine. 
    5. Reduces frequency and duration of migraine attacks. 
    6. Prevents decongestion and blockage of nasal cavity.

    Indications for use of Charak Cephagraine Tablets

    1. Migraine syndrome
    2. Tension headache
    3. Sinusitis.


    General :

    In sinusitis: Two tablets thrice a day and two drops instilled in each nostril every four hours for seven days. The course may be repeated after a month.

    In migraine: 2 tablets twice a day to be taken orally. The course may be repeated after 1 month.



    1. Consumption of cow’s milk and cow’s ghee for people suffering from migraine.
    2. Early to bed is very useful.
    3. Consumption of turmeric, garlic, ginger and black pepper is recommended for this patients.
    4. Prefer bland diet (Sinusitis)
    5. Consumption of turmeric, garlic, ginger and black pepper is recommended. (Sinusitis).


    1. Avoid fried and spicy food recipes.
    2. Avoid food items which cause indigestion and constipation.
    3. Avoid exposure to excessive heat, cold and rain.
    4. Avoid day time sleeping and spending sleepless night.
    5. Avoid curd, bananas and dried things. (Sinusitis)
    6. Avoid drinking cold water and ice-cream. (Sinusitis)
    7. Avoid exposure to rain, excessive cold wind, smoke and dust. (Sinusitis)
    8. Avoid irregular dietary habits. (Sinusitis)
    9. Avoid day time sleeping. (Sinusitis).