1. Ayu Care - Vaji Tailam Pleasure Oil for MEN (50ML)

  2. Ayu Care - Vaji Tailam Pleasure Oil for MEN (50ML)


    Ayu Care - Vaji Tailam Pleasure Oil for MEN
    Ayucare Ayurvedic Medicine for Men

    Vaji Tailam is a combination of medicated oils described in Ayurvedic classical texts for the functional improvement of male genital organ. It stimulates the nerves and increase the blood flow towards the organ, there by providing harder erection. Also it strengthens the muscles and increases the duration of coitus. Level of enjoying sexual pleasure gets much extended by the regular use of Vaji Tailam.

    Vaji Tailam is intended for those who want to enjoy the sexual pleasure. Also beneficial for those who lack desire, strength and duration.

    For External Use Only.

    Direction of use:

    Apply 5-7 ml oil gently on the male genital organ, give mild massage and keep it there for minimum 15 minutes. Then thoroughly wash with water.

    Please read the leaflet inside the product for more details.

    Each 100ml oil is prepared out of:

    Semicarpus anacardium - 3 gm
    Solanum anguivi - 3 gm
    Punica granatum - 3 gm
    Withania somnifera - 3 gm
    Asparagus racemosus - 3 gm
    Saussuria lappa - 3 gm
    Nardostachys jatamamsi - 3 gm
    Allium sativum - 3 gm
    Mesua ferrea - 3 gm
    Carthamum tinctorium - 3 gm
    Anacycius pyrethrum - 3 gm
    Euphorbia nerifolia - 5 ml
    Brassica juncea oil - 50 ml
    Sesamum indicum oil - 50 ml