1. Banjara\'s Under Eye Cream (50 Gram)

  2. Banjara's Under Eye Cream (50 Gram)


    Banjara's Under Eye Cream
    Enriched with borage & butcher broom

    Maintains your youthful appearances by minimizing dark circles beneath your eyes. Created to enhance the synergistic effect by key ingredients. The advance formula strengthens the weak veins that are hiding beneath the skin under your eyes with perfect balancing of repairing elements, humectants, antioxidants along with vitamin K to help treat dark circles.

    Key Ingredients of Banjaras Under Eye Cream:
    Borage Oil, Butcher Broom extract & Soyabean Protein.

    Direction for use of Banjaras Under Eye Cream:
    Apply in small dots around the eye with ring finger and rub gently until absorbed.