1. Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream (50 Gram)

  2. Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream (50 Gram)


    Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream enhanced with Wheat Germ and Avocado Oil

    Banjara's Papaya Massage Cream is an extra nourishing cream specially formulated to replenish the essential oils. It moisturizes the skin and removes dead epithelial cells and helps to restore natural skin and keeps the skin fresher and younger looking.

    Directions for use of Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream: 
    Apply gently in the upward direction. Can be used during any time of day. 

    Key Ingredients of Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream: 
    Papaya Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin C and Avocado Oil