1. Banjaras Gold Massage Cream (50 Gram)

  2. Banjaras Gold Massage Cream (50 Gram)


    Banjaras Gold Massage Cream enhanced with Saffron & Licorice

    Banjara's Gold Massage Cream is enriched with saffron and liquorice extracts which lighten and protect your skin. Massaging daily with this rich nourishing cream helps repair and rebalance skin and get the natural vitality of your skin. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating the blood circulation.

    Directions for use of Banjaras Gold Massage Cream:
    Apply gently in the upward direction. Can be used during any time of day.

    Key Ingredients of Banjaras Gold Massage Cream:
    Saffron Extract and Licorice Extract


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