1. Baidyanath Janma Ghutti Tonic (110 ML)

  2. Baidyanath Janma Ghutti Tonic (110 ML)


    Baidyanath Janma Ghutti Tonic

    • Pediatric tonic, Ensures healthy growth.
    • Indicated in diarrhoea, Colic, Gripping stomach pain, Indigestion, Loss of appetite
    • Helps to prevent cold, Cough and fever in infants.
    • Relieves the problems occurring at the time of teething.

    Ensures better baby health - Enriched with Saunf, Anjeer & Munakka.

    Enriched with precious herbs and manufactured in the most scientific manner, this paediatric tonic ensures better health for children. It increases appetite, corrects all the disorders associated with digestive system, such as diarrhoea, dysentry, colic, griping stomach pain, flatulence etc. It contains adequate amount of calcium that helps to build strong bones in children. It also contains Anjeer and Munnakka which purifies and increases the blood in the body. Administration of Janma Ghuti 3 to 4 times prevents cold, cough and fever in infants due to change in season and also relieves the problems occuring at the time of teething.

    Baidyanath Janma Ghunti is a pure herbal tonic. It does not contain alcohol and hence completely safe.

    Composition (Each 10ml contains) :

    • Souph
    • Sounph Jad
    • Valvidang
    • Amaltas Guda
    • Sanay
    • Harad Choti
    • Harad Badi
    • Vach
    • Anjeer
    • Alwayan
    • Gulabphool
    • Palasbeej
    • Munakka
    • Unnav
    • Shuddha Tankan


    Upto 6 Months - 1/4 teaspoon, 6 Months to 1 year - 1/2 teaspoon, 1 to 3 years - 1 teaspoon, Above 3 years - 2 teaspoons.


    The Massage of Baidyanath Lal Tel is indicated for rickets deformation of bones, teeth and disorders caused by the deficiency of Calcium. Use Baidyanath Lal Tel for Massage regularly.