1. Baidyanath Braintab 50 Tablets

  2. Baidyanath Braintab 50 Tablets


    Baidyanath Braintab

    Baidyanath Braintab

    Indications for use of Baidyanath BrainTab :

    Reduces mental stress and strain, improves concentration, reduces forgetfulness, improves grasping power, keeps you sharp. 

    Therapeutic uses of Baidyanath Braintab :

    Natural & Safe nervine tonic improves memory, subsides distraction. Useful in insomnia, improves performance, indicated in anxiety, mental irritability, disturbed sleep. Useful in agitation and minor depression in normal people without side effects.

    Composition :
    Each Baidyanath Braintab contains :

    Brahmi :50mg, Shankhapushpi : 50mg, Ashvagandha : 50mg, Jatamansi : 50mg, Bhringraj : 25mg, Jivanti : 25mg, Prawal Pisti, Bach, Sarpagandha, Swarn Makshik Bhasma : 15mg, Makardhwaj and Akarkara : 5mg each.

    Dosage of Baidyanath Braintab :

    1-2 Tablets twice daily with water.