1. Ayucare Nourshing Body Massage Oil Navara Tailam

  2. Ayucare Nourshing Body Massage Oil Navara Tailam


     Ayucare Nourshing Body Massage Oil Navara Tailam

    Ayucare Navara Tailam - Nourshing Body Massage Oil
    Ayucare Speciality Ayurvedam

    Navara Tailam
    Ayurveda Life Style Massage Oil

    Ayu:Care Navara Tailam

    Navara is a special medicine suggested in Ayurveda for nourishing and increasing the glow of body. Navara Tailam revitalises the subtle body channels, promotes pure blood flow in the arteries, rejuvenates the muscle tissue and there by increases the body weight without increasing unwanted fat. It prevents the dryness of skin and improves the complexion.

    Most advanced Ayurveda formulation for growth and glow of the body. It promotes development of the body and highly useful in emaciation, lean physic and undevelopment of organ. It gives complexion and improve texture of the skin.

    Composition of Ayucare Navara Thailam:

    Each 100ml Oil is prepared out of:

    • Oryza sativa 9g
    • Withania somnifera 9g
    • Sida rhombifolia 9g

    Direction for use:

    Pour Oil in hands, gently massage on needy area or throughout body. Wash with water after 15 minutes.