1. Ayucare Fat Free Body Figure Formula Lavana Tailam (100ML)

  2. Ayucare Fat Free Body Figure Formula Lavana Tailam (100ML)


    Ayucare Fat Free Body Figure Formula Lavana Tailam

    Ayu Care - Fat Free Body Figure Formula
    Ayucare Speciality Ayurvedam

    Lavana Tailam
    Ayurveda Life Style Massage Oil

    Most advanced Ayurveda formulation for Fat Free figure care. It prevents superficial fatty accumulation and lack of body shape. It reduces lipid fraction of physique and removes unwanted water content thus maintaining figure of the body. This oil is prepared by Bio-organic method.


    Each 100ml Oil is prepared out of:

    • Rock salt - 10g
    • Acorus Calamus - 2g
    • Zingiber officinale - 2g
    • Trachyspermum roxburghianum - 2g
    • Dolichos biflorus - 2g
    • Setaria italica - 2g
    • Curcuma longa - 2g
    • Ficus racemosa - 2g
    • Ficus microcarpa - 2g
    • Ficus religiosa - 2g
    • Ficus bengalensis - 2g

    Direction for use:

    Pour Oil in hands, gently rub and massage upwards on fatty area. Give mild formentation or wash with warm water after a minimum of 15 minutes.


    The Suggested normal course for Lavana Thailam is 3 months, within these days changes in body could easily be realized. An advanced course of 6 months is also recommended for those who require further cure. It can also be used regularly as a figure maintainer, 3 times a week is the general course advised for such usage.