1. Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

  2. Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit


    Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    Facial Kit for professional and younger loo


    This Facial Kit has multiple actions on your skin. Its anti oxidation property slows down ageing with Resveratrol. The polyphenols control toxin in the body improving the blood circulation. Flavonoids are free radical scavengers that helps improve radiance. Tannins are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements that protects from external damage. New Lipid Serum is prepared form fermented wheat, glycerine, khus water, wheat germ extract which have cleansing and strengthening properties. Poly Plant Detox Scrub helps cleanse skin by removing toxins from upper most layer leaving it clean, smooth and glowing. Anti Oxidation Gel protects the skin form free radicals and UV rays working in deeper epidermal layers. Multi Vitamin Gel improves antioxidant action and slows down ageing process. Soya Protein Cream Makes the skin more elastic and toned. Sparkle Grape Pack protects the skin from UV rays, inflammatory and bacterial disorders.


    New Lipid Serum (100ml)

    Poly Plant Detox Scrub (50g)

    Anti Oxidation Gel (50g)

    Multi Vitamin Gel (50g)

    Soya Protein Cream (50g)

    Sparkle Grape Pack (50g)