1. Arshonyt Forte Tablets(40 Tabs)

  2. Arshonyt Forte Tablets(40 Tabs)


    Arshonyt Forte Tablets

    Arshonyt Forte Tablets A dual regimen to treat and prevent piles

    Benefits of using Charak Arshonyt Forte Tablets

    1. Effective and safe for long-term use.
    2. Helps in reducing the inflammation pain.
    3. Arrest bleeding.
    4. Reduces pile mass.
    5. Prevents recurrence of piles.

    Indications for use of Charak Arshonyt Forte Tablets

    1. Medical Management of Internal and External Haemorrhoids.
    2. Prevention of reoccurrence of piles following surgery.


    Two tablets two times a day for a minimum of 10 days followed by one tablet three times daily for minimum of six weeks.



    1. Prefer bland food diet.
    2. Consumption of horse gram, barley, wheat, old rice, papaya and amalki.
    3. Intake of rhizome of surana is recommended.
    4. Develop a good toiletry habits.


    1. Avoid Oily, fried and spicy food.
    2. Avoid irregular dietary habits and constipations.
    3. Avoid suppression of natural urges like urination and defecation.
    4. Avoid riding on the back of animals and citing on hard seats.
    5. Avoid smoking, vegetables like potatoes and pumpkins.