1. Alcos Oxygen Facial Kit

  2. Alcos Oxygen Facial Kit


    Alcos Oxygen Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    Refreshing and revitalizing facial kit for fatigue, grey and dull skin.


    Oxygen depletion occurs because of the polluted environment due to which our skin tends to get tougher, dryer, dull and the original moisture of skin disappears. Alcos Oxygen Facial Kit is perfect for such skin. This kit comprised of Oxygen Cleansing Cream to remove dry & dehydrated layers of the skin, Oxygen Scrub Cream removes dead cells, tightens skin pores & impart new glow. Oxygen Facial Gel and Oxygen Massage Cream provides cellular renewal effects by penetrating deep into the skin. Oxygen Face Pack cools and rejuvenates the skin. Oxygen Instant Glow Cream is specially formulated cream for instant glow after facial to maintain the glow of facial skin. Skin Radiance Serum works wonderfully to hydrate and repair skin, giving face more shine and luster.


    Oxygen Cleansing Cream (50g)

    Oxygen Scrub Cream (50g)

    Oxygen Facial Gel (50g)

    Oxygen Massage Cream (50g)

    Oxygen Face Pack (60g)

    Oxygen Instant Glow Cream (50g)

    Skin Radiance Serum (100ml)

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