1. Alcos AHA Re-hydrating Facial Kit

  2. Alcos AHA Re-hydrating Facial Kit


    Alcos AHA Re-hydrating Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    A natural protection for glowing & fairer complexion especially for sensitive skin.


    AHA Rehydrating Facial Kit is formulated with natural aroma oils and herbal extracts which help the skin look smoother and healthier. This facial improves action of the capillaries, skin texture and tighten pores inducing relaxation and calming the mind. AHA Rehydrating Cleanser removes the damaged skin cells and soothes the irritated skin. Rehydrating Scrub exfoliates dead skin & opens the pores. Rehydrating Cream provides essential nutrition & repairs damaged cells. Rehydrating Masque helps to relax the muscles and keep the skin soft. Face pack lightens the skin and leaves it refreshed. Instant Radiance Serum works all day to hydrate & repair the skin.


    AHA Rehydrating Cleanser (60g)

    AHA Rehydrating Scrub (60g)

    AHA Rehydrating Cream (60g)

    AHA Rehydrating Masque (60g)

    AHA Rehydrating Face Pack (60g)

    Instant Radiance Serum (10ml)