1. Alcos Fruit Beauty Facial Kit

  2. Alcos Fruit Beauty Facial Kit


    Alcos Fruit Beauty Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    Facial kit for skin rejuvenation.


    The kit comprised of Fruit Cleansing Cream to cleanse the skin. Fruit Scrub Cream and Fruit Massage Gel unmask your true complexion. Fruit Massage Cream protects the skin from dryness and Fruit Face Pack with mineral earths relaxes the tense nerves in the facial skin. Instant Glow Cream is specially formulated for instant glow after facial to maintain the glow of the facial skin after every facial. Skin Radiance Serum works wonderfully to hydrate and repair skin, giving face more shine and luster.


    Fruit Cleansing Cream (50g)

    Fruit Scrub Cream (50g)

    Fruit massage Gel (50g)

    Fruit Massage Cream (100g)

    Fruit Face Pack (100g)

    Instant Glow Cream (50g)

    Skin Radiance Serum (100ml)