1. Alcos Choco Wine Facial Kit

  2. Alcos Choco Wine Facial Kit


    Alcos Choco Wine Facial Kit

    Quick Overview

    Skin hydrating and tightening facial kit.


    This facial kit consists of Chocowine Glow Cleansing Cream which cleanses and moisturises the skin. Chocowine Glow Scrub Cream exfoliates the skin and allow the oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin for a refreshed look. Chocowine Glow Massage Gel reduces wrinkles from the skin by increasing moisturising and smoothing effects. Chocowine Glow Massage Cream transports oxygen deep into the skin for a fresh and radiant look. Instant Glow Cream maintain the glow of the facial skin. Skin Radiance Serum works wonderfully to hydrate and repair skin, giving face more shine and luster.


    Chocowine Glow Cleansing Cream (50g)

    Chocowine Glow Scrub Cream (50g)

    Chocowine Glow Massage Gel (50g)

    Chocowine Glow Massage Cream (100g)

    Chocowine Glow Face Pack (100g)

    Instant Glow Cream (50g)

    Skin Radiance Serum (100ml)